Winter Camera Hiatus is Broken

I used to love being out with the cameras on "mild" winter days. That came to a quick, unplanned end a couple years ago when a devastating injury from a fall on the ice took me completely off my feet for close to six months. Many of you know that story so I won't bore you with that again. It has created an ongoing fear of outdoor winter excursions.

This and several following posts will briefly break that cycle. It's not so bad when there is snow around...deep, deep snow. We donned the snow shoes and headed to one of many of our beautiful county parks. Great trails take you through a winter wonderland. In addition, we just got home from a mid-winter warmup in Hawaii. When I say we just got home, I mean JUST! We arrived home as the snow flurries began which then became over 20" of snow over the next 18 hours.  Snowfall and Hawaii.  Stay tuned.

How to. How not to.

I couldn't help it. I watched this guy fiddle with his smartphone throughout most of the whale watching. The other two? They had a wonderful time at the front of the boat taking it all in. 

How would you whale watch?

The Pacific Whale Foundation

We went whale watching with the Pacific Whale Foundation. This is a wonderful organization. All profits support Pacific Whale Foundation’s research, education and conservation programs to save whales, dolphins and our oceans. Every trip is led by certified Marine Naturalists who provide a truly unique, educational and fun adventure at sea. It was a spectacular adventure! We were there right in the peak of whale season. Whales in every direction. It was an amazing experience that we'd do again and again. 

I have learned over the years not to let my cameras spoil the experience. I am not the kind of photographer who spends the whole day looking through their camera. It's fine if you do that, it's just not my style. As a result I miss getting images of some things. By that I mean I miss catching it on camera. I'm OK with that when I have experienced it with my own eyes. I prefer that to constantly waiting for the perfect shot while missing the total experience. We did see the iconic whale breeches. Several of them. I'm glad I didn't miss seeing them because I was waiting for them to breech exactly when my camera was aimed. Someday I'll go back and approach it differently now that I've experienced it. Maybe I'll get lucky and catch a breech with my toys. 

PS: Why the moon with the whales? We left the dock before sunrise. We arrived early. I grabbed a shot of the moon while were waiting.

Winter Warmup

Since I rarely post when we're traveling it's gonna take several days to get caught up so stay tuned.

We spent several days in Honolulu and then on to Maui for 5 days. We have friends in both places so it's difficult to take a 9 hour airplane ride and not try to see friends in both places. While on Ohau we spent one day exploring the island and one whole day at Pearl Harbor. Stay tuned for more Pearl Harbor images of the inside the Missouri battleship and the Bowfin submarine.  

Chicago. Always a Good Time

Almost every year we end up in Chicago the week after Thanksgiving. I have a lot of fun with the cameras. A bit of Chicago street photography.


RSNA McCormick Place

McCormick Place, Chicago's gargantuan expo complex, is one of the few place in the world large enough to host RSNA. When this group meets it's around 50,000 people. In addition, high tech medical equipment vendors are demonstrating and selling their latest and greatest medical imaging devices. My husband is a radiologist so we're here almost every year. He gets me a family pass to attend. I roam around looking at amazing machines about which I know very little. Still fascinating and the cameras love it.  

Progress...I Guess

I guess it's in the name of improvements. Looks like destruction to me. Fun to photograph around giant machinery,

A Rare Sight for Some!

Some of you may not know what this is because...we’ll, just because. I know that many of you have never actually seen an empty parking structure. You’re too “busy” sleeping in. As a public service to you, here you go. You haven’t missed a thing! 


Tin Man

When we were kids we used to play kick-the-can for hours...kinda like the "alleged adults" in Washington do today except we were kids! When I saw this at a campsite in Michigan I politely asked the campers if I could take a shot of it. "Sure. Please do!" If they had known how difficult it was to control my childhood impulse to kick this thing! Now approaching my mid-sixties, that might not have ended well for me. 


Photo Bombed!

Photo bombed by a stinkbug while playing with the macro lens in the backyard. This could be the ultimate insult.

A Walk Around Our City

A few images from a stroll around South Bend on a quiet Sunday morning. See more in the growing DTSB gallery.

The Great American Eclipse of 2017

The eclipse is history. I had a long, hot, hot day out on a beautiful farm in Christian County, Western Kentucky. I was well prepared so it was all good. I met and spoke with interesting people. Made some new friends. Several with just their iPhones asked if I'd send them a few images. Absolutely. Happy to. In fact, that's already done.

The long wait was over. It started. Spectacular! Awesome! Breathtaking! Magnificent! Wondrous! A phenomenon-extravaganza like nothing else in nature! And then it was over.

Then began the arduous task of getting out into the incredible traffic, being patient, kind to other drivers. Several of us who kept creeping along together began conversations through our car windows. Thunderstorms brought that to an end. That's probably a good thing. Texting is probably only slightly more dangerous. After about four hours and only having gone about 20 miles, I began to wonder if it had been worth it. The traffic was epic! And by epic, I mean a seemingly endless, bumper-to-bumper mass of men and machines. I AM WELL AWARE THAT THERE WERE LADIES AND KIDS TOO SO DON'T GO ALL CRAZY ON ME! It was a common site to see a man and his sons facing away from the traffic taking care of necessary, normal functions. Other amazing men were seen shrouding their girlfriends, wives and daughters with blankets as they accomplished similar tasks. There weren't any options. It must be awful to be a lady in those situations.

When I finally got home a few hours ago and began going through my images it became obvious. Absolutely worth it! ABSOLUTELY! I'm working on more but these tell the story of the Great American Eclipse of 2017...the way I saw it. Actually the way my Fujifilm X-T2 saw it. "How do I love the, Fuji. Let me count the ways!"

I decided to use a more traditional astro-filter (orange) before totality and then switched to a less common, white-light filter after totality. You'll see the full sun (orange) before the big show started and end with the full sun (white) after it was all over.  I've been doing photography many decades but never this. I knew getting partial eclipse images would not be a problem because I've been practicing shooting the sun for several weeks. What I was intent on trying to get (OK, I was stressed. I wasn't sweating because of the heat...OK, that too.) was Bailey's Beads (just before totality) the corona and sun-flares during totality and the Diamond Ring at the very end of totality. I don't generally pat myself on the back but I was way more successful than I had imagined. I am thrilled with the results. I freaking nailed it! Hope you enjoy.