Ice Carving!

Fun to watch these artists. Beautiful art accomplished with chainsaws, chisels, awls, sanders and other tools. Hunter Ice Festival, Niles, Michigan.

A Beautiful Frost

As you know, I’m not a big fan of cold weather. Having grown up in Kenya, I’ll probably never really enjoy it. I tolerate it. I do love taking winter images. We’re a bit low on snow this year. I’ve got the cold weather coats and snowshoes ready to go. I’m not upset there’s no snow. I am ready for when it shows up. Here are a few images from a recent frosty morning.

Big Snow Today

Thanksgiving is behind us so this is going to be a pretty common event for the next TOO MANY months. We took advantage of a day above freezing the day after Thanksgiving and got the holiday yard stuff up. Yay us!

Winter is Painfully Close

Yes. It is beautiful and I do get out in the snow with the big boy cameras BUT…that doesn’t mean I have to like it! Remember, I grew up in Kenya. Winter is not my favorite season. This is our first snowfall of 2018. I’ll grin (not likely) and bear it for the next several months.

Winter Camera Hiatus is Broken

I used to love being out with the cameras on "mild" winter days. That came to a quick, unplanned end a couple years ago when a devastating injury from a fall on the ice took me completely off my feet for close to six months. Many of you know that story so I won't bore you with that again. It has created an ongoing fear of outdoor winter excursions.

This and several following posts will briefly break that cycle. It's not so bad when there is snow around...deep, deep snow. We donned the snow shoes and headed to one of many of our beautiful county parks. Great trails take you through a winter wonderland. In addition, we just got home from a mid-winter warmup in Hawaii. When I say we just got home, I mean JUST! We arrived home as the snow flurries began which then became over 20" of snow over the next 18 hours.  Snowfall and Hawaii.  Stay tuned.

It's a Beautiful Winter Monday

A long, long time ago I made a decision that Monday would be a great day. I know it gets a bad rap. It can't help that it's the day after the weekend. If Friday was the day after the weekend then Friday would be the day everyone groans about. Here's the decisopn I made about Monday and, for that matter, every other day of the week; I spend a 7th of my life on Monday. Every Monday I'm going to be thrilled that I get one more. Same for Tuesday. Same for Wednesday. Same for all the other days of the week. Have a good one!

The iconic DC-3. I took a ride in it with my brother. AWESOME!

What I Exposed is Back

Amazing Winter in Yellowstone

It's been several months since I shut down my old blog. I was trying to do it all myself and it got to be too much up-keep for an old man. I was self-hosting so had responsibility for all the security stuff and all the content. I was not comfortable that I was on top of everything so I shut it down. I certainly would not want to contribute to an identity or security breach for any of the visitors to my site. 

After pretty much giving up on having a website, a friend told me about Squarespace. Wow! So easy to use. So easy to build a great looking site. Did I mention SO FREAKING EASY! The Squarespace features are incredible. Squarespace takes care of all the security issues with industry standard security that I don't have to worry about keeping up with! (That's on purpose, to give you grammar police a good case of the hives.) All this, and way cheaper than I was doing it myself! It's a beautiful thing.

I can still do some coding if I want to. That's probably never going to happen. I NEVER WANTED TO CODE ON MY OLD SITE but I had to figure out a lot of HTML. Not my thing.

I just want to make some nice images and share them with you. I hope you enjoy one or two things that you see. Just like the "good ole days'" click on any image to enlarge it.