Ice Carving!

Fun to watch these artists. Beautiful art accomplished with chainsaws, chisels, awls, sanders and other tools. Hunter Ice Festival, Niles, Michigan.

Wandering the Hotel

There are fun shots just about everywhere, especially where you find people!

The Athens Dimotiki Agora (public market) had interesting delicacies on our Athens food walking tour today. Exceptional! A great part of travel is experiencing the food and we certainly did that in a big and delicious way! Thankfully, we did not have an “opportunity” to try out the bull parts.

How to. How not to.

I couldn't help it. I watched this guy fiddle with his smartphone throughout most of the whale watching. The other two? They had a wonderful time at the front of the boat taking it all in. 

How would you whale watch?

Chicago. Always a Good Time

Almost every year we end up in Chicago the week after Thanksgiving. I have a lot of fun with the cameras. A bit of Chicago street photography.


Tin Man

When we were kids we used to play kick-the-can for hours...kinda like the "alleged adults" in Washington do today except we were kids! When I saw this at a campsite in Michigan I politely asked the campers if I could take a shot of it. "Sure. Please do!" If they had known how difficult it was to control my childhood impulse to kick this thing! Now approaching my mid-sixties, that might not have ended well for me. 


A Walk Around Our City

A few images from a stroll around South Bend on a quiet Sunday morning. See more in the growing DTSB gallery.

Artbeat - Downtown South Bend

It was a beautiful day to be downtown South Bend (DTSB). The main streets were blocked off, turned into a pedestrian-only area and lined with all sorts of vendors. Each was peddling their latest art, crafts, information, food. Some were interactive, creating on-the-spot opportunities to unleash your creativity or watch an artisan do thier thing. More in the growing DTSB Gallery. 

Confession Time

I must admit that I started this, on purpose. The seagull landed on the ledge near the ancient Spanish Stairs in Rome. I wanted to see if I could create a distraction, draw people away from ancient, spectacular architecture. I never did photograph the disgusting flying rat. I was quickilt joined by several others who did not disappoint. Selfies in ancient Rome with a seagull / flying rat! Apparently it a bucket list item for many tourists. I stood and watched, quietly clicking away at those clicking away at the bird. Mission accomplished!

Beware of my X-T2!

Having survived Canon withdrawal after my 35 year addiction, our two week Italy trip was the first trip with the Fujifilm X-T2. I have no regrets! It's an amazing little camera with some serious lens options and a mind blowing feature set. The blazing fast auto-focus and silent shutter option are two features that let you sit literally right beside someone and click's like having a stealth mode. It's certainly not intended for every scenario however, the silent shutter is awesome for use inside operating houses of worship and other quiet spaces; like inside museums where cameras are unwelcome...where museum security fiddles on their smartphone while you silently, discretely snap away.

Fun Kids!

I quietly worked myself into a position behind these fun-loving guys who. as you might suspect, were not exactly awed by the Palazzo Vecchio. They were sitting a few feet away from where we would begin our 416 step trek to the top of the tower, feverishly doing "incredibly important things" on their phones. I then walked around in front of them and engaged them. I told them I had a cool image of them from behind, all on their phones and asked them to give me a "pretend like you're having the best time of your life" pose. No hesitation.