Beautiful Italian Knobs and Knockers

I suppose, much like my website itself, many will be disappointed if they are sent here by a search engine. Oh well! These beautiful door knobs and door knockers were everywhere. here are a few samples. More soon in a new gallery similarly named. They are beautiful. Hope you enjoy.

Confession Time

I must admit that I started this, on purpose. The seagull landed on the ledge near the ancient Spanish Stairs in Rome. I wanted to see if I could create a distraction, draw people away from ancient, spectacular architecture. I never did photograph the disgusting flying rat. I was quickilt joined by several others who did not disappoint. Selfies in ancient Rome with a seagull / flying rat! Apparently it a bucket list item for many tourists. I stood and watched, quietly clicking away at those clicking away at the bird. Mission accomplished!

Beware of my X-T2!

Having survived Canon withdrawal after my 35 year addiction, our two week Italy trip was the first trip with the Fujifilm X-T2. I have no regrets! It's an amazing little camera with some serious lens options and a mind blowing feature set. The blazing fast auto-focus and silent shutter option are two features that let you sit literally right beside someone and click's like having a stealth mode. It's certainly not intended for every scenario however, the silent shutter is awesome for use inside operating houses of worship and other quiet spaces; like inside museums where cameras are unwelcome...where museum security fiddles on their smartphone while you silently, discretely snap away.

Fun Kids!

I quietly worked myself into a position behind these fun-loving guys who. as you might suspect, were not exactly awed by the Palazzo Vecchio. They were sitting a few feet away from where we would begin our 416 step trek to the top of the tower, feverishly doing "incredibly important things" on their phones. I then walked around in front of them and engaged them. I told them I had a cool image of them from behind, all on their phones and asked them to give me a "pretend like you're having the best time of your life" pose. No hesitation.

The "Streets of Venice

A truly unique city where everything in and out of the city is by boat. A water taxi even took us to the airport.

On the Streets of Italy

Some simple street shots while roaming around Sorrento and Rome. Click any image to enlarge