Wind Star

The Wind Star, a four masted schooner, was our ride around the Aegean Sea. Here she is docked while we were roaming the streets in Nafplio, Greece. Nice ride!


The National Automobile and Truck Museum in Auburn, Indiana. It's a treasure, along with the Auburn, Cord, Duesenburg Museum right beside it. If you're anywhere near Auburn, Indiana it's well worth your time. With my cameras in tow it took me all day to get through both museums.

This wasn't my first time, I might add. Pick your pace. Definitely worth your time, especially if your a car/truck/beautiful old machine freak. See more in my planes, trains & automobiles gallery.  

Progress...I Guess

I guess it's in the name of improvements. Looks like destruction to me. Fun to photograph around giant machinery,

National Railroad Museum

Spent several hours at this cool museum in Green Bay, WI. I'm not much of a train junkie but my cameras loved this place and I had a great time. You can not only walk around the giant machines but you can roam through the inside. If you're in the area, it's worth a stop, especially if you have kids. More in my planes, trains and automobiles gallery.