What I Exposed is Back

Amazing Winter in Yellowstone

It's been several months since I shut down my old blog. I was trying to do it all myself and it got to be too much up-keep for an old man. I was self-hosting so had responsibility for all the security stuff and all the content. I was not comfortable that I was on top of everything so I shut it down. I certainly would not want to contribute to an identity or security breach for any of the visitors to my site. 

After pretty much giving up on having a website, a friend told me about Squarespace. Wow! So easy to use. So easy to build a great looking site. Did I mention SO FREAKING EASY! The Squarespace features are incredible. Squarespace takes care of all the security issues with industry standard security that I don't have to worry about keeping up with! (That's on purpose, to give you grammar police a good case of the hives.) All this, and way cheaper than I was doing it myself! It's a beautiful thing.

I can still do some coding if I want to. That's probably never going to happen. I NEVER WANTED TO CODE ON MY OLD SITE but I had to figure out a lot of HTML. Not my thing.

I just want to make some nice images and share them with you. I hope you enjoy one or two things that you see. Just like the "good ole days'" click on any image to enlarge it.